Delniwa raspberry

It is an early variety of raspberry, fructifying on one-year shoots, repeatedly.

A dessert variety, due to the rather early fruit harvest, it is recommended for plastic-covered cultivation. Delniwa fills the void between the summer varieties fructifying on two-year shoots, and the varieties that fructify repeatedly.

This variety has a high post-harvest durability, the fruits are of high quality, very firm, shiny, light-red in colour, suitable for long-distance transport, and do not tend to darken after harvesting.
The fruits taste very good, they are slightly sweet.


5 złotych


High quality of fruits

  • The fruits are of medium size, around 4.5 g to 6 g, the largest can reach up to 7 g.
  • Delniwa offers higher yield than the Polka variety
  • High firmness, suitability for transport
  • It maintains its unique taste throughout the entire period
  • The fruits come off easily from receptacles
  • The fruits do not fall apart after freezing
  • High per cent of fruits in the "Extra" class
  • High extract content (12,5% Brix)
  • Low weight loss after defrosting.

The variety is suitable for making cakes and desserts.
The fruits do not lose juice and maintain their shape
By properly cutting the shoots, an additional yield can be obtained from the one-year shoots sprouting later. Cultivation in a tunnel also allows harvesting in early spring from two-year shoots.
The earliest variety among all varieties fructifying on one-year shoots.



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