Gospodarstwo Szetyńscy


Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze Szetyńscy was created as a joint effort of our family, and is operating continuously for over 30 years. Our many years of experience in plant production have allowed us to refine the fertilisation and protection system to obtain plant material of the highest quality.
Our products are intended not only for wholesalers, fruit-growers, horticultural farms, farmers, garden centres and all those who cultivate plants on an industrial scale, but also for individual customers.

For our Farm the priority is to provide seedlings of excellent quality and health. In order to ensure this, we use our many years of experience, and we constantly expand our knowledge about the cultivation of individual varieties available in our offer.

Are you interested in blueberry, Kamchatka berry, large-fruited blackberry or raspberry seedlings? In that case, we strongly encourage you to check out our detailed offer.


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